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How to treat hair fall in summer with Ayurveda


Summer is the most common season where people experience hair fall. 

Hair fall is the most common concern seen in men and women in India. 

Hair fall can lead to alopecia or baldness or even thinning of hair.

Sebaceous is a hair follicle that is attached to our oil glands. 

Glands produce a fatty sebum which nourishes our hair. 

There are cases, when follicle does not get nourishment. 

This leads to hair fall. 

Summer is the most common season where people experience hair fall. 

This is because of the heat and the sweat that gets accumulated on the scalp.

This attracts dirt and dust to the hair which weakens the hair follicles.

Common symptoms of hair fall are:

A. Gradual thinning of the hair

B. Patchy bald spots

C. Loosening of hair

D. Slow growth of hair strands

E. Excessive shedding of hair

F. A receding hair line

Factors leading to hair fall also depend on age, lifestyle and gender:

A. Stress

B. Hormonal imbalances

C. Pregnancy

D. Smoking

E. Drugs and Antibiotics

F. Family history or heredity

G. Styling and applying heat

H. Vitamin D deficiency

I. Medical conditions

J. Radiations

K. Poor Diet

Ayurveda lends a holistic approach to the human body. Ayurvedic treatments and practices have been integrated keeping in mind the overall wellness of the body.

The three basic ideals for hair according to Ayurveda are Amla, Shikakai and Brahmi.

Ayurvedic Treatment for hair fall:

Takradhara: This is medicated buttermilk cooked with soothing medicines which is poured on the hair and scalp region. 

This help removes excessive heat in the body thereby preventing hair fall.

Thalapothichill: This is an ideal mask which is mainly prepared in summers. 

It helps with hair growth and its nourishment.

Shirodhara: medicated oil which is prepared for the scalp and head to nourish dry pores and also help combat hair thinning.

Here are a few names of ayurvedic medicines for hair growth:

A. Amalaki choorna tablets

B. Guduchi choorna tablets

C. Gokharu choorna tablets

Here are a few tips to prevent hair fall:

A. Oiling and washing hair regularly

B. Combing your hair 3-4 times in a day.

C. Having a balanced diet

D. Having sufficient Vitamin D levels

E. Getting adequate amount of sleep

F. Do not use styling products

Note:  All therapies and treatment should be taken with a doctor’s prescription. 

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