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Digital Security Bill passed amid concerns of journalists

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Inserted: 21:33, Wednesday 19 September 2018 || Updated: 16:20, Thursday 20 September 2018

Digital Security Bill passed amid concerns of journalists - National

Dhaka: The much-debated Digital Security Bill-2018 was passed in parliament on Wednesday adding a tougher provision allowing police official to search or arrest anyone without any warrant under Section 43 of the proposed law.

Section 43 of the draft law says: If a police officer believes that an offence under the proposed law has been committed in a certain place or is being committed, or there is a possibility of crimes, or there is a possibility of destroying evidence, he or she can search the place or any person present there.

Amid growing concern by the journalist community, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Post, Telecom and Information Technology earlier on September 17 while placing its final report, recommended that police will have to take prior permission from director general of Digital Security Agency to be formed under the proposed law before arresting anyone under section 43 of the bill.

While passage of the bill, Jatiya Party MP Fakhrul Imam proposed to drop the provision [taking prior permission of DG] which the Post, Telecom and IT Minister Mustafa Jabar accepted and later passed by voice votes, reports agency.

Earlier, the minister placed the proposed law before the House for its passage saying one of the main objectives of the proposed law is to ensure the country's security from digital crimes and ensure security of people's lives and assets.

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