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Trump admin deports 11 Bangladeshis

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Inserted: 17:24, Thursday 12 October 2017 || Updated: 18:04, Saturday 14 October 2017

Trump admin deports 11 Bangladeshis - National
Babul Sharif’s family holds a press conference

Dhaka: US president Donald Trump’s administration has deported 11 Bangladeshi immigrants to the country.

They were detained and forcefully sent back on Wednesday morning by a special flight from a deportation centre in Arizona state, officials concerned confirmed.

Ten of them were residents of New York state.

The 11 Bangladeshis, who fell victim of Donald Trump's ultra-nationalist policy, are Selim Ahmed, Mozammel Haque, Karim Chowdhury, Mujibur Rahman, Babul Sharif, Mohammad Badal Rony, Mohammad Faridul Moula, Monirul Islam, Nasrin Chowdhury, Mohammad Ambia and Khairul Ambia.

The US authorities also detained 27 more Bangladeshis staying in the US during 'anti-illegal immigrant' drives there.

The Bangladeshis, who are now kept at Florence Correction Centre in Arizona, may be deported anytime, according to official concerned, reports agency.

Mazeda Uddin, an executive of South Asian Scholarship and Training Organisation, said as many as 27 Bangladeshis, including two women, are facing deportation at an Arizona deportation centre.

Relatives of the victims alleged that the Bangladesh embassy officials there are providing them with necessary documents. But, before submitting such papers, the authorities have started deporting the Bangladeshis.

The Bangladesh embassy has been alerted about sending required documents, if asked, for the so-called illegal immigrants, said an official of the embassy, who wanted not to be named.

In default, the official added, the US authorities might stop issuing B-1 visa to the Bangladeshi nationals.

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