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Rampal will affect Sundarbans: Sultana Kamal

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Inserted: 19:54, Tuesday 06 September 2016 || Updated: 17:11, Wednesday 07 September 2016

Rampal will affect Sundarbans: Sultana Kamal - National

Dhaka: "The Sundarbans will be affected if Rampal Power Plant is built there, and knowing it we take to the street to save it," said Sultana Kamal, convener of the National Committee to Save Sundarbans.

She also alleged that confusion was being spread making various questions through an expatriate Bangladeshi engineer.

Sultana Kamal was speaking at a press conference at BILIA Auditorium at Dhanmondi in the capital on Tuesday. The National Committee to Save Sundarbans held the press conference.

She said: "The Sundarbans is the largest natural mangrove forest in the world and a UNESCO declared world heritage site. It is the property of all the people of Bangladesh. So, we have right to speak about it."

"Our arguments will have to take into consideration. For instance, once we raised the issue of trial of war criminals. It was very difficult to speak about it at that time. But, subsequently we have succeeded to try the war criminals," she said.

Sultana Kamal said, "We're just explaining our opinions about the Sundarbans."

Addressing the press conference, member-secretary of National Committee for Protecting Oil-Gas, Power and Port Anu Muhammad said the government failed to protect the rivers around the capital Dhaka. It has become unable to check the pollution of small-scale industries. How they would save the Sundarbans?"

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